Sunday, 8 March 2009

Here's a link......

To my page on the Harper Collins 'Authonomy' site, where aspiring writers can post their unpublished work. My novel, The Practical Woman's Guide to Living with the Undead, is there in its entirety----I describe the book as 'Divorce Lit with vampires'--it's a romantic fantasy for the reader ready to venture into the dark territory beyond the Aga!

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  1. Klara Sue (sorry, in true American fashion I've given you a two-name nickname based on the names I've known you by...), sincere congratulations on your story having been accepted in the "real" anthology! Your vampire divorce novel has a catchy title, too - I can't believe it hasn't been picked up by a publisher!I will try to tuck in a read in between Drood chapters. Congratulations and continued success.