Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Last Romantic

What is the link between this photograph and the wonderful English novelist,
Elizabeth Taylor, whose centenary is currently being marked by an on-line Readathon? I'll be back later to answer this question!


  1. I have no idea! I'm rubbish with names... was there a Martin Harvey in the Taylor novel?

  2. OK, you're very close! Sir John Martin Harvey (1863-1944), pictured above in his most celebrated role as Sydney Carton in 'The Only Way' (a stage adaptation of Dickens's 'A Tale of Two Cities') is referred to twice in 'A View of the Harbour', when Beth remembers how Tory used to write fan letters to him and other matinee idols when she was young. There are at least two other literary works that mention Martin Harvey, of them being James Joyce's Ulysses, no less!
    He was very famous in his day, a pin-up of the Edwardian age.

  3. Aha! I never notice names in books, which has often been quite embarrassing in tutorials...(!)