Saturday, 15 September 2012

Looking for Richard

All power to those who've begun the search for Richard III, the much maligned king, who deserves better, in my opinion, that to be interred under a car-park in Leicester. I've always liked Richard and had my gravest suspicions about Henry V11. I went on the Bosworth trail myself last Autumn, and here I am paying my own homage, having almost got run over to get to the statue. I'd like them to give Richard a state funeral if they find him; my husband, ever the optimist, has gone one further and suggested he should be given a Nurofen and restored to the throne. Sadly, I doubt if that can be done, so I may have to content myself with seeing Mark Rylance, if I can get a ticket.

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  1. Of course you mean *this* Richard III, right? ;-)